Forest Hill Public School students lend a hand

There have been pajama days, mufti days and crazy hair days as students at Forest Hill Public School go all out to help their community.

The school’s 230 pupils have worked to raise money for a number of school projects, and on Thursday gave $250 to Wagga’s Ronald McDonald House.

After chatting to the students about how best to spend their donation, executive officer Deborah Braines suggested it could be used to make Christmas a little more special for families who would be there over the festive season.

Ronald McDonald House, which opened 12 years ago, is currently undergoing renovations to the existing rooms.

An extension will provide a playroom, a utility room and office and storage space.

Two rental units are also being built to provide the facility with a permanent source of income.

Ms Braines told the children the longest any one family had stayed at Ronald McDonald House was 146 nights, spread over 40 separate visits.