Disqualified Wagga driver narrowly avoids prison after getting behind the wheel

Wagga Local Court
Wagga Local Court

A Wagga man has narrowly avoided jail time after he chose to gamble with his freedom and get behind the wheel while he was disqualified from driving until 2023. 

James O’Reilly, 34, was subject to a suspended prison sentence and a number of good behaviour bonds when he decided to drive at Mount Austin on June 1. 

Solicitor David Barron told the court his client had made progress and was now drug free. 

“He knows community corrections will on his case,” Mr Barron said. 

“He has a lot to gain by staying drug free and a lot to lose if he goes back to his old ways.” 

Magistrate Erin Kennedy told O’Reilly he was not a driver and commended his positive steps. 

“You have stopped and sorted yourself out – we don’t want to see you back here,” she said. 

O’Reilly, who pleaded guilty, was sentenced to a seven-month intensive corrections order, was disqualified from driving for another six months and will be subject to an 18-month good behaviour bond.