Wagga pair clocked more than 130km/h over the speed on Byrnes Road

Wagga Local Court
Wagga Local Court

A Wagga duo have revealed an argument was behind their high-speed venture after they were caught travelling at 217km/h in an 80km/zone. 

Isabella Del Vecchio, a Boorooma P-plater, was caught travelling more than 130km/h over the speed limit without p-plates in high-performance vehicle on March 6. 

According to documents tendered to the court, Zane Barron Gibson was clocked at the same speed when police caught up with the pair on Byrnes road at North Wagga. 

Gibson, 43,  told police he had gotten into an argument with Del Vecchio and was driving to spend the night away when she started to chase after him. 

Del Vecchio, 22, told police she “saw red” after the altercation and simply got in the car without thinking. 

Magistrate Erin Kennedy told the pair it was extraordinary that they chosen to put themselves and the community at risk. 

“From the public's perspective to think someone didn’t have the sense to pull up is extraordinary – they have a right to be very distressed about this,” she said. 

“Many people have distress in their life but if everyone did this it would be absolute chaos on our roads.

“It’s time to move on and accept the punishment because this is not who you are.” 

Gibson pleaded guilty to one count of driving at a dangerous speed, was sentenced to 120 hours of community service and disqualified from driving for 18 months. 

Del Vecchio pleaded guilty to driving at a dangerous speed, not complying with her P2 licence vehicle restriction and not displaying p-plates. 

She was fined $900, disqualified from driving for 18 months and will need to complete 120 hours of community service.