You say: readers go head-to-head on marriage equality issue

Pet owners are being urged to think of their furry friends as the weather heats up this summer. Picture: Les Smith
Pet owners are being urged to think of their furry friends as the weather heats up this summer. Picture: Les Smith

The latest Canberra boffins’ $122M debacle, that is arguably unconstitutional, the Liberal’s “survey” and a component of the “merchants” agenda to deny the people of the Commonwealth a scrutinised referendum to approve or reject any amendment to the Constitution at #51. (xxi) Marriage. But the latest short rant (DA, November 23, 2017, page nine), shouldn’t be allowed to pass without raising questions.

Mr Boyd castigates a previous writer (Mr Maybon) for failing to recognise some “right” allegedly exists that determines “freedom of religion [which] includes freedom from religion.”

Would Mr Boyd be arguing the words “of” and “from” fulfil the same task in gramma? As inconvenient as it may be for Mr Boyd, the Constitution clearly states whilst “the Commonwealth is forbidden to make any law for establishing any religion or for imposing any religious observance,” nevertheless, the Constitution clearly determines “freedom of religion,” is guaranteed but certainly does not confirm any “freedom from religion”, as to do so would surely contradict that which the Constitution further confirms “Christian is the law of the land”.

A precious heritage, documented as being held sacred by the descendant Hebrews for more than 3573 years, is this not which Mr Boyd and his supporters are determined to destroy in a heartbeat on false premises?

Stewart Beattie, Wagga

Foreign interests 

The Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has lambasted Labour's Sam Dastyari for his association with a Chinese businessman. Not the same Malcolm Turnbull who his and opposition governments have allowed overseas interests, including Chinese, to purchase 14 per cent of Australia's prime rural land, purchase homes in Australia, leaving them vacant, therefore forcing up prices and depriving Australians of owning their own homes, thereby forcing them to pay higher rent.  

Correct me if I'm wrong here too – Malcolm, don't Chinese interests own and control some 90 per cent of electricity supplied to Victorian and South Australian homes? Could our local member please bring this to Malcolm's attention, that is of course, if he can drag Malcolm away from taking 'selfies'?

Peter Dolden


Remember your pets

A recent survey conducted by pet product expert, PetSafe® Brand Australia found that Australian pet owners show a surprising lack of awareness when it comes to their pets hydration and are happy to let them drink puddle, river or gutter water or even from the backyard pool.

The survey, which was conducted to kick-start the PetSafe® Pet Hydration Awareness Summer campaign, has found that an unbelievable 70 per cent of Australians are unclear about how much water to give their pets to drink.

With the succession of heatwaves every summer, Australian dogs face the real possibility of heat stress or heatstroke if they are left outside during hot days without sufficient water sources.

Often dog owners wrongly wait for their dog to pant as a sign that they are thirsty, but panting is a method for dogs to cool themselves down and regulate their temperature. True signs of dehydration include sunken eyes, tiredness, skin losing elasticity and a dry mouth.

Petsafe Australia


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