We say: council floats ideas for a beach solution | Poll

The weather is getting warmer and residents and visitors are going to inevitably start their migration to Wagga Beach to seek relief from the heat.

It’s also the time of year we dread with the risk of drownings occurring at our favoured inland waterway.

It’s not a topic we like reporting on or one that the public likes to hear.

The beach is a place for families, for recreation and fun but too often it’s also a place of heartache.

Council lodged an application with Royal Lifesaving Australia for them to prepare a report with recommendations of how to make the area safer.

It looks like some of those recommendations are going to be ignored.

Even so, that’s council’s prerogative. 

Most people will not agree with their decision but a lot might in an effort to keep The Rocks open.

What isn’t in doubt, however, is that safety measures need to be put in place.

Is closing a part of the beach the solution?

The river is hundreds of kilometres long and there are heaps of places an unfortunate incident could occur.

Clearer signage, perhaps in different languages, need to be implemented and the idea of life guards should be revisited. 

These recommendations were also in the report and will go to council vote on Monday.

The idea of bush nippers, similar to the safety program for children that runs for beach and surf areas in Sydney, has been floated too.

Children should know how to act and react around inland waterways as that knowledge will hold them in good stead as an adult.

There is no denying there is a problem.

One drowning is too many and yet we seem to be getting at least that per year.

Is education the problem? 

Is it carelessness or naivety?

If the information is there, surely that eliminates at least some of the excuses or problems.

Putting that information into action, while caught in a rip or in a potentially life-threatening situation, is often hard so that is where life guards might be the solution.

We may not be able to stop drownings but surely there is a solution to make them occur less.

What do you think needs to be done to keep Wagga Beach safe?


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