Glenfield Park man fronts court after smashing three cars within 20 minutes

Wagga Local Court
Wagga Local Court

A Glenfield Park man who went on a rampage smashing three cars as their owners watched on in terror has faced court. 

Riley James Clarke has pleaded guilty to intimidation intending to cause physical harm and three counts of intentionally or recklessly damaging property. 

According to facts tendered to the court, Clarke intercepted a car travelling on Morgan Street around 4.40pm on July 27, yelling at the driver after she was forced to come to a stop. 

The 18-year-old then struck the victim’s windscreen, causing it to shatter, before running into a lane of traffic and kicking the passenger door of another vehicle. 

A third victim later spotted Clarke kicking over a bin, which struck the rear bumper of his parked car, before kicking out the front with his foot. A combined compensation total of $3600 is being sought by the victims. 

“This is really quite serious – the victim would have been terrified,” Magistrate Michael Crompton told the court. 

Clarke will be sentenced on November 17.