Apprentices learn secrets of creating pastry perfection

The secrets to creating mouth-watering French pastries have been shared with Wagga apprentices by a master of the craft.

TAFE NSW teacher and master patissier, chocolatier and confectioner Herve Boutin demonstrated the specialty skills of perfecting deliciously buttery croissants and gorgeously decorated gateaux at a series of workshops for local apprentices starting in Wagga

During Monday’s masterclass, Mr Boutin demonstrated his unique and artistic touch to croissant-making.

Techniques to incorporate natural colours such as pistachio and raspberry were displayed, as well as how to infuse delectable flavours throughout the pastry layers for a delicious melt-in- the-mouth experience.

Mr Boutin will also demonstrate a modern interpretation of finishing a cake to create eye appeal with current trends.

“It will be extremely valuable for student bakers to learn about these specialty French techniques and higher levels of craftsmanship,” he said.