Sentence delays in case against Victor Madeley who faces 22 historic sex offences

Six different victims have stood up in closed court to read out impact statements in the case against Victor Madeley, who is charged with more than 20 historic sex offences. 

Wagga courthouse

Wagga courthouse

The former Church of England Boys’ Society leader has pleaded guilty to all 22 charges. 

Judge Gordon Lerve closed the court to all members of the public as the six victims arrived to take the stand. 

“We were set for sentence today but various issues have arisen such as the availability of counsel and trial from last week going into today,” Mr Lerve said. 

“It is regrettable for the sake of the victims who want closure and some finality but at least we can get it started today.” 

On December 2 Madeley, 81, admitted to 15 offences against five boys in a town that cannot be named due to a court order to protect the victims’ identities.

More recently laid charges include three counts of sexual intercourse with a 15-year-old boy without his consent and four counts of indecently assaulting him. 

Those crimes occurred between December 1, 1984, and March 3, 1985, in another Riverina town that also cannot be named.

The earlier charges include one count of buggery, 11 counts of indecent assault and four counts of procuring an act of indecency in the 1970s.

Madeley appeared in person in the dock at Wagga District Court on Monday with two correctional officers by his side.

He has been in custody since December 2. 

Solicitor David Barron, who represented Madeley, told the court the sentence was likely to take half a day. 

Crown solicitor Lisa Hanshaw told Mr Lerve she would prepare written submissions for the case. 

Both Ms Hanshaw and Mr Barron did not object as Mr Lerve told the court he was prepared to sentence Madeley to an aggregate sentence. 

Mr Lerve told the court a 1989 change in legislation meant the sentence would need to match the principles at the time of the offences.