Cubs Scouts leave the world of muggles behind

Cub Scouts from across the Riverina transformed their weekend camp into Harry’s Potter’s wizarding world.

About 150 Cubs were at Camp Kurrajong, which became the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to deliver a range of activities for the Cubs to hone their magic skills and unleash their imagination.

Just as Harry Potter novel fans would expect, the Cubs began their wizarding journey with a visit to Diagon Alley to collect their essential school supplies of robes, wands and spell books, before being sorted into their school houses by the infamous sorting hat.

With tickets in hand, each child will cross through the barrier at Platform 9¾ to board the Hogwarts Express.

As first year students, the Cubs were taken through their paces covering the full range of essential wizarding skills. 

A turn on the flying fox became a lesson in broomstick riding and preparation for a game of quidditch. 

No Harry Potter camp would be complete without a potions class and the chance to experience the unexpected and get messy with concoction of giant’s toothpaste, dry ice bubbles and fire ink.

The Cubs also cared for “magical creatures”, duelled in their defence against the dark arts, and learned wizarding history with the use of invisible ink.

The camp will also include traditional “muggle” Cub Scout activities such as fire lighting and shelter building.