Turvey Park outclass Saints | Photos

Turvey Park has shot to the top of the ladder after a 7-2 win over the Saints on Saturday, in what was the only A-grade fixture of the Wagga Softball competition of the weekend.

Sent in to bat first, Turvey Park was soon dismissed with a regulation three outs.

The Saints fared a little better, in that they had runners on base when the third out was made, but still with no runs.

Turvey’s second turn at bat was almost a carbon copy of their first attempt, still with no runs in sight.

The Saints’ second innings was similar to their first with runners left on base when the third out was made.

One could be forgiven for thinking they’d found themselves in some soft of softball themed Groundhog Day remake at this point.

Charli McNaughton started Turvey’s third innings with a safe outfield hit, but she was thrown out attempting a steal to second.

The next two outs quickly followed, although Karina Dennis put down a beautiful third strike bunt.

The Saints put the first run on the board following a hit to Desi Calder.

Kadison Hofert and Paula Potts contributed to Tessa McGlynn crossing the plate, before the team was dismissed.

Turvey’s lead batter in the top of the fourth, Belinda Dennis, smacked a centrefield home run to tie up the score at 1-all.

Next batter, Jade Olsen, was in the box for what seemed an eternity, hitting no less than 20 leftfield fouls, before eventually holing out to centrefield.

Saints were ‘three up-three down’ in their fourth dig.

Georgina Carter, Karina Dennis, Paris Hall and Jade Olsen all had safe hits in Turvey’s fifth innings, and managed to add another two runs to their score.

The highlight of that innings was the dummy sold by Saints shortstop, Desi Calder, to oust Karina Dennis.

Like Turvey, the Saints also increased their score in the bottom of the fifth, but only by a single taking the score to 3-2 in favour of Turvey after five innings each.

Turvey was quickly dismissed in their sixth dig, but the Saints were also shutout and still one run shy.

Turvey’s final innings saw a sequence of hits, with Sarah Carter, Paris Hall, Jade Olsen, Julie-Ann Hallam, Charli McNaughton and Georgina Carter all scoring green and adding four more runs to their total.

Turvey followed that match-winning offensive innings with a magnificent defensive innings, in which they effected a double-play, then a K-2 to finish the game.

The respective pitchers were again key players for their teams, with Turvey’s Olsen conceding six hits, pitching 3 K-2s and 4 walks and the Saints’ McGlynn conceding 13 hits, pitching 2 K-2s and 1 walk.

Turvey and Saints will play South Wagga in Saturday’s doubleheader. 


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