You say: Wagga, take more pride in your city

A visitor to Wagga was unimpressed with the amount of graffiti he saw on his walk.
A visitor to Wagga was unimpressed with the amount of graffiti he saw on his walk.

In town on business and found the brilliant walkway along the river passed the water works. Council's ongoing work with the path is commendable, but then the ugly site of the huge amount of graffiti is everywhere. It's as though this whole walkway and adjoining fences, sheds, signage and even buildings have been set aside for this vandalism.

Graffiti Removal Day was recently held to cover over or remove graffiti. It is govt. sponsored and incurs no expense to those taking part, as everything is supplied.

A google search will quickly locate Greg Egan or Barry Antees, who will assist clubs, especially Rotary, Lions, the Scout movement, kayak clubs or any other organisation willing to have a go at a clean-up.

Come on Wagga. Take a stand on this vandalism. Your city's beautiful, but that isn't.

John McKenny

Glen Innes

Assist North Wagga

As work begins on the main city levee, I wonder if anyone has done a cost benefit analysis re protecting North Wagga against flood damage.

I wonder if all of the costs to every level of government and the financial and emotional costs to residents, say, over the last ten flood events could have been saved if the radical solution of offering grants of land and financial help to residents to relocate to a safe and flood-free area had been proposed.

I understand that this was done in the Lockyer valley in Queensland after the destructive floods in that area.

Perhaps a thorough actuarial analysis would be well worthwhile and could possibly eliminate the stress and distress and recovery costs that happen after floods in Wagga.

Mary Kidson


Al Gore hoax revealed

The sequel to Al Gore’s documentary An Inconvenient Truth was recently show in Wagga. One scene, shown twice, was particularly impressive - it was a very large glacier area in the Polar region with mountainous steep areas of ice and snow and all of these were collapsing as far as the eye could see. 

Following that were scenes of flood disasters in some American cities. Conclusion – the gigantic polar ice-melt is a result of ‘climate change’ and that is obviously the cause of the cities flood disasters. So all the countries in the world must do their utmost to reduce CO2 output irrespective of cost to industries and economy.

That is, if you swallow the mighty ice collapse scenes hook line and sinker. What happened to this? The mountains of ice and snow were there undisturbed for ages, then along comes the low flying helicopter and the noise and vibrations of the rotor blades set off the avalanches of ice and snow and as the helicopter moves on more and more avalanches are set off as far as you can see.

All these endless man-caused avalanches have nothing whatsoever to do with the floods in the cities. But the climate change hoaxers try to make us swallow their clever trick hook line and sinker, and unfortunately many of our politicians do just that. 

But what about the reality of the increase in number and severity of hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions etc? They are undeniable. Of course they are, but they are not caused by CO2 levels, that is dangerous scare mongering which hurts industries and economy.

Paul Bosman, Wagga


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