Gone fishing with Craig Harris

SOLID DAY:Caleb Walker with a nice yella caught in Lake Albert. ​Send your pictures to craig@waggamarine.com.au or 0419 493 313.

SOLID DAY:Caleb Walker with a nice yella caught in Lake Albert. ​Send your pictures to craig@waggamarine.com.au or 0419 493 313.

WELL, I can actually say I went fishing last weekend. Lockhart fishing club held their first fishing comp, hopefully one of many. Their first attempt was pretty good; it was only a reasonably small gathering of a lot of Lockhart anglers, a few from Wagga and a couple from other outlying towns.

It was a yellow belly comp in the river at Buckenbong Reserve just out of Narrandera, there would have been around 20 to 25 boats in attendance. We, my fishing partner Craig “Sausage Fingers” Ceely and I didn’t turn up till late Saturday afternoon, only an hour before the curtains were drawn on the comp actually, due to me hanging back at work but we headed straight on the water and went up stream.

We dropped a couple of baits in the water – yabbie tails and worms - had a couple of bites and the headed back for the presentation. It was a very family friendly comp with no “post haste” as most comps are and kids were encouraged to play. There were a lot of fish caught on the day with Graham “Charlie” Pertzel stating the number was close to if not more than 100 recorded and I think I heard correctly when he mentioned that the largest yella caught was 48cm.

All monies raised were given to various local charities and also put into restocking the river.

All prizes awarded were donated by Lockhart businesses and a couple of Wagga businesses – there was no money as a prize which more than likely takes the “post haste” out of the comp and makes it more relaxing.

Anyway, after the presentation Sausage Fingers and I went straight back out on the water and with SF being a bit of a local in the area, we headed off downstream to a couple of his favorite spots.

It wasn’t long before he was into a fish, a nice trout cod around 48cm, then another, then another; then I caught one, all the while getting a regular update. One nil. Two nil, Three nil, Three One and then I just happened to catch a mud sucker, which just in case you are wondering, apparently don’t count when you are in competition with your mates.

Those that know me, know and understand that I am not a competitive person and don’t mind at all getting beaten in anything I do, so it was on, on like Donkey Kong. Unfortunately for me I caught another carp, then another, then it was four-one, four-two, another carp, five-two, another carp, five-three, six-three, another carp, six-four, six-five, seven-five and then seven-six and then much to my amazement I pulled the pin and said it was time to go home even though I was coming home with a wet sail.

For those who are on social media, “like” Lockhart Fishing Club for upcoming events - I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.