Hereford heifers from Wagga make the journey across Bass Strait to new home | Photos, Video

A TRANSACTION which was all about teamwork and careful breeding has allowed a Wagga cattleman to sell stock to Tasmania. 

Jim Simpson of “Bimbadeen”, Gregadoo takes pride in breeding the best possible whiteface cattle.

For years he concentrated on infusing top Hereford genetics into his herd. And in more recent times he has embarked on a program to breed the horns out of the cattle by using poll lines. 

Concentrating on weight for age and other commercial traits has allowed the beef industry veteran to produce something he is proud of. In a recent transaction his 285-kilogram heifers went under the hammer to make $850. However, the notable factor was that the cattle were destined to cross Bass Strait and head to a new home in north west Tasmania. 

“My wife and I started out breeding cattle more than 20 years ago and we bought some top lines out of a Henty stud,” he said. “That formed the nucleus of our herd.”

Mr Simpson said the sale could also be credited to Elders livestock agent and auctioneer Joe Wilks. “He organised the deal and did a mighty job,” he said. 

In fact, Mr Simpson is so interested in the Tasmanian industry and the new home that his heifers have found that he plans to head down next year to visit the operation.

“I felt that it was just wonderful that they went that distance … normally they are sold locally here,” he said. 

Mr Simpson runs about 200 breeders in the operation which is on the outskirts of Wagga. “I think the Herefords shine because we have done selective breeding,” he said. 

“The Herefords can hold their own in the market, even though the prices have come back a bit now, and the rain up north is prompting northern buyers to come down and look for cattle from this area.” 

Mr Simpson had retained the sisters of some of the heifers sold to Tasmania as replacements for his breeding operation.


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