You say: Proceeds from a Snowy sale must remain in the country

What a wonderful idea being floated, if by per chance the Snowy Hydro is sold, that all proceeds from the sale be quarantined in a separate account and only used in rural and regional areas of NSW.

COUNTRY FIRST: Letter-writer Geoffrey Hall says that if the Snowy Hydro is sold, then proceeds must be spent in regional NSW - not Sydney.

COUNTRY FIRST: Letter-writer Geoffrey Hall says that if the Snowy Hydro is sold, then proceeds must be spent in regional NSW - not Sydney.

The money could be used for refurbishment and maintenance of schools, hospitals, bridges and roads infrastructure.

It will go a long way to make up for the neglect from the present Liberal-Nationals government bias towards Sydney.

Geoffrey Hall, Wagga

Searching for relatives

I am seeking information concerning descendants of Arthur Charles Murphy and Margaret Ann (Maggie) nee Gillies.

Initially they lived, married and had their children in Urana prior to moving to Wagga Wagga where they lived from 1930 to 1937 approximately, prior to relocating to Bega.

I am also looking for descendants of Augustine John Murphy who used Augustus on his marriage certificate which incidentally was his brother’s name. He kept that name for all of his adult life. Augustus/Augustine married Carrie, born as Caroline, in NSW. His brother Augustus appears not to have married. Further, I am also seeking the same information on descendants of Charles and Mary Primmer and in particular my great grandfather Phillip Primmer. My contact details are 0400 042 544 or

Phillip Johnson, Rochester

Too late for US gun reform

It’s happened again. Another shooting massacre, this time innocents attending a music festival in Las Vegas when some deranged misfit decided to open fire after carefully calculating that with nowhere to run they were completely at his mercy.

Screaming about gun reform does nothing. It's too late. 

There are now 300 million guns in the US, a figure that has doubled over the last 50 years from one gun to every two people to one for every person.

We lived there for five years and every time there were multiple shootings the debate on reform would rage for a few days but the powerful National Rifle Association, with thousands of members and plenty of money, would always win the debate.

Actor Charlton Heston, a self-appointed spokesman for the NRA, once said “the only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, so we will never give up our right to bear arms”.

To that I would say on the heels of the Las Vegas massacre (59 dead), Orlando (49 dead), San Bernardino (14 dead), the school at Sandy Hook (20 children, 6 teachers dead), Virginia Tech, good guys don't take loaded guns to music festivals, concerts and primary schools, nor should they have to.

Stephen Paddock was able to purchase 33 guns (legally) in the past year. No red flags as to why a supposed quiet retiree with no health issues, no apparent ties to any terror or religious group and with no military training would need another 33 guns?

Some Americans tried to bring up the question of gun reform with President Donald Trump but were quickly brushed aside.

The NRA contributed $33 million to President Trump’s campaign. Does anyone think he would dare to offend them?

So far this year 11,600 people have been killed with guns in the US. Every home has a gun, kids as young as four or five are taught to shoot. It's too late. 

Perhaps they have the America they deserve for not acting years ago.

Valerie Brady, Wodonga