You say: readers discuss the same-sex marriage debate

The same-sex marriage debate continues among The Daily Advertiser readers. What do you think? Send your views to
The same-sex marriage debate continues among The Daily Advertiser readers. What do you think? Send your views to

Another point of view

Phil Boyd seems to think voting ‘yes’ is not an attack on free speech, which he defined as, “... you can say what you like without fear of being censored by the government. That’s it. You’re absolutely allowed to be ignored by the government.” 

What Mr Boyd, and others who favour the LGBTQI agenda, failed to mention were the examples where a vote for same-sex marriage was a vote for the package that came with it - radical gender theory in classrooms and shutting down of free speech. 

A blanket ‘yes’ to a broad question without any legislation being shown to the public is concerning.

Voting ‘no’ will allow the public and politicians to discuss freely these important issues and protect basic rights. 

Darcy Maybon, Wagga

Brian builds campaign

People power appears to be behind the realisation that minor parties and independents are capable of breaking the 117-year Australian political duopoly.

I am a part of a group stretching from Western Australia which has not quite reached Lord Howe Island. There is acceptance and evidence of thuggery during election campaigns. There is no evidence of any of that in country regions. There is acceptance of procedures, which give anyone except the major parties only a remote chance of ever winning a seat.

In my case, I have 35 policies which I would like to debate with a member. My wish is to have a detailed discussion and preferably a debate. Obviously there should be agreed prior time plans for the National candidate and I to be in Griffith and at least 10 other places at the same time.

For Griffith at this meeting I would like at least reasonable interaction with the National candidate in relation to my claim for free speech, my policy to remove the barrages at the Lower Lakes and the aim of everyone in Griffith to know what value will be involved with a new hospital.

Brian Mills, Griffith

On August 26, Leeton No. 1 Oval played host to the Southern Inland Rugby Union (SIRU) grand final. 

This was the first grand final to be played outside of Wagga in over 30 years and, the reason for allowing the final to leave Conolly Park, was due to the magnificent facilities that Leeton Shire Council have been able to upgrade and install over the past couple of years at the Town Oval Complex. 

The day was well attended and ran smoothly. SIRU were extremely happy, the gate takings were the same as achieved in Wagga last year.

In addition to the Leeton Shire Council, I would also like to thank the other oval users who have worked with the Phantoms to free up the ovals for the day.

Firstly the Leeton Greenies Rugby League Club, who played their elimination final at the Yanco Sportsground, and the Leeton Junior Soccer, who were able to rearrange their match schedule for an earlier kick-off. 

I would also like to thank all the volunteers who worked in the bar and set up and packed up the fields, the Junior Phantoms who ran the canteen and the Rotary Club of Leeton who manned the gate.

The support we received from the Leeton community was outstanding and made the day a huge success.

Thank you Leeton for your wonderful support throughout the year and especially on grand final day.

Bart Challacombe, president of Leeton Phantoms


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