Yellow Pages search for a local gardening star to feature on the 2017-18 cover

Wagga’s Yellow Pages are going green, searching for the most eager local gardener to star on its cover. 

The announcement was welcomed by gardeners like Kay Jones, who has been getting her hands dirty and planting for more than 40 years. 

The newest volunteer at Wagga’s Demonstration Gardens, Ms Jones said she joined to stay social, spending three hours a week at the garden. 

“Being involved in defence you travel and stop quite a lot, so it’s nice to be in a friendly atmosphere,” Ms Jones said. 

“The garden has a variety of people from everywhere so you just slot in, fit in and see the rewards.” 

Ms Jones said she was excited to see gardening showcased to residents when they pick up their local Yellow Pages, to be distributed from May 12, 2018. 

Those interested in being featured can share an image of themselves and their beloved garden or send off their best gardening tip on the Yellow Pages website. 

Gardeners have until September 21 to enter the competition. 

To enter, click here.