OMNI reaches a milestone achievement in Wagga

An OMNI meeting in Wagga. The organisation held its 400th meeting in the city last week. Picture: Les Smith
An OMNI meeting in Wagga. The organisation held its 400th meeting in the city last week. Picture: Les Smith

A milestone achievement

On Friday, September 8, OMNI (Older Men New Ideas Incorporated NSW) celebrated its 400th meeting. What a great milestone for a movement devoted to supporting men, in health, social relationships, enjoyment and caring. This was a first for Wagga.

Not surprisingly, OMNI groups were soon established throughout the Riverina in Griffith, Hilston, Holbrook, Leeton, Temora, and Tumbarumba, as well as three additional groups in Wagga. 

The story of OMNI was taken by the Wagga OMNI members to Melbourne, where two groups were established and now 25 are registered.

OMNI provides an environment in which men can overcome their sense of loneliness, develop a purpose in life and where familiarity, mateship and trust develop and are fostered. 

Men learn to listen and to also express their thoughts in a confidential setting. These are the “New Ideas” of OMNI.  

No other men’s group is founded on the tenets of  safety in sharing, confidentiality, mutual assistance and caring.

The Daily Advertiser reported (September 7) that “the  Riverina has the highest suicide rate of elderly men aged over 85”. This is a challenge that OMNI groups address.

Ray King

Secretary, OMNI NSW Executive

Cheap flood insurance

I have deliberately set the above heading to get the attention of all you ‘deplorables’ out there.

I can arrange very cheap flood insurance for you for homes anywhere. You can buy the insurance – either the low priced or the better cover – and include flood cover for only $100 extra.

Yes, that’s right, flood cover provided for the cost of $100. How can I do that?

It is the same situation where we are being asked to vote for or against same-sex marriage. 

Nobody has explained what the full ramifications will be, and the fools in Canberra, our MP’s, have not even debated what will happen to our existing laws if there is a ‘yes’ vote.

Over in beautiful Ireland, within a few months of their ‘yes’ vote, laws have been passed to restrict freedom of religion and freedom of expression.

And the people were not asked to vote on these matters because they will be decided without any votes from the public.

Non-elected judges will do that. Nobody has said what the consequences of a ‘yes’ vote will be.

Now, back to my insurance policy including flood cover. There will be a $5,000,000 excess for the flood section of the policy. So there will be no claims.

That’s just as deceptive as the offer to vote for what we don’t know on same sex marriage.

Des Goonan


Bubbles not balloons

It was extremely disappointing to learn that balloons were to be released on Friday to raise awareness about child abuse. Why disappointing? Because balloons invariably find their way into our waterways and kill marine wildlife, including seabirds. Because of this, Birdlife Australia has joined with Zoos Victoria and Phillip Island Nature Parks in urging all Australians to use bubbles instead of balloons. 

Jenny Moxham, Victoria


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