Wagga audience hears child safety advice from expert nurse.

Young parents from Wagga’s Burmese community were among those who attended a seminar presented by a paediatric first aid expert on Thursday.

Michelle Bray, from Enabled 4 Life, said about 50 people attended the seminar by Sarah Hunstead, a paediatric emergency nurse, author and founder of CPR Kids.

Ms Bray said those attending had not only learned about dealing with emergency situations, including lessons on giving CPR to children, but had been given plenty of tips on avoiding everyday situations which could prove fatal.

“Just one of these was Sarah pointing out that parents often cut the children’s food – carrots, grapes, cheese – into round shapes, which makes them the perfect size for choking on,” Ms Bray said.

“Just as we know you shouldn’t leave young children alone in the bath because of the drowning risk, Sarah recommended not leaving them alone to eat.”

Ms Bray was impressed by a plan by Ms Hunstead to develop a range of children’s rashie swimming shirts embossed with paediatric CPR instructions.