Are we really becoming this lazy?

Beer and pizza – what an unbeatable combination.

They go together so well and are a treat for those times you want a night off, football grand finals or a casual Sunday.

They are the ultimate indulgence and more often than not, we feel a little bit naughty yet satisfied when we consume them.

Ok, so maybe not all the time.

Home delivery is also the ultimate indulgence, with your favourite foods readily available without even leaving the home.

And in a society that knows what it wants and when they want it – now – a local pizza chain is looking to take it to the next level.

We like a cold one as much as the next person, but is home delivered alcohol a bit too much?

There have been mixed reactions, with residents favouring the negative point of view so far.

Alcohol has its place in a pub and in the homes of those who are allowed or who choose to consume it.

But how it gets from one to the other should be the responsibility of those who intend to consume it, not a third party.

There are definitely some products people should venture out of the house for and alcohol is arguably one of them.

The idea of having a six pack of beer or a bottle of wine delivered is rather tempting but there are much bigger implications of this convenient service.

Drivers, who already admit to being in harms way, are fearful of their safety.

There is also the issue that drivers could potentially be supplying alcohol to minors.

Police are going over the application with a fine tooth comb to avoid any chance of foul play.

If this is approved, there is no doubt it will be through a model that leaves little room for error.

Sure, it’s another notch in the belt for events or services that are putting Wagga on an even playing field with metropolitan cities that are already doing this.

Not only is it lazy – but food is already being delivered so beverages shouldn’t be too much of a stretch – but there are safety concerns.

Monitoring intoxication levels in a controlled environment such as a pub can prove to be difficult at times.

What happens when kind citizens are running six packs and bottles of wine all over town?


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