Disqualified driver avoids jail time over police pursuit


A disqualified driver who led police on a pursuit reaching speeds of up to 130 kilometres an hour in an unregistered, uninsured car has avoided jail time. 

Matong’s Daniel Mark King, 19, was sentenced in Wagga Local Court on Friday after pleading guilty to six offences, including driving while disqualified and police pursuit. 

Solicitor Rohan Harrison asked magistrate Michael Crompton to consider an intensive corrections order. 

“His criminal record doesn’t assist him but a custodial sentence would make it harder to rehabilitate,” Mr Harrison said. 

King was refused bail for the offences and appeared in court via video link from Bathurst Correctional Centre. 

According to police facts tendered to the court, police noticed a silver Toyota Hilux travelling 28 kilometres above the speed limit in a 100 kilometre per hour zone heading toward Grong Grong on March 4.

Things heated up when the vehicle refused to slow down and ignored all warning devices, straddling the centre line and crossing over to the wrong side of the road. 

The facts state the car continued at speeds of up to 140 kilometres per hour for around four kilometres. 

A short time later police terminated the pursuit. 

When police later made inquires, the facts stated King said he had been in an argument of sorts prior to the incident and wasn’t thinking straight. 

With a male passenger also in the vehicle, police facts said King showed little regard for road rules and the safety of himself and others. 

The 19-year-old could be off the road for up to four years, after he was disqualified from driving for two years, for two separate offences. 

Mr Harrison asked the court to take into account King had recently become a victim of trauma and despite his record, it was King’s first time in custody. 

Magistrate Crompton said he took into account King’s guilty pleas but also his criminal history, as he handed down the sentence. 

King was ordered to pay $1500 worth of fines and to serve two six-month intensive corrections orders, to be served concurrently.