Lily’s worldly skills an inspiration to others

Lily Campbell is going to WorldSkills in Abu Dhabi.

Lily Campbell is going to WorldSkills in Abu Dhabi.

Talented people walk among us.

There could be much more to the beauty therapist who paints your nails or the tradie who spray paints your car or fixes your house.

A few talented individuals went to WorldSkills Australia National Competition finals in Melbourne.

These are people who simply love their jobs and wanted to take their skills to the next level.

Wagga’s Lily Campbell is a talented and accomplished beauty therapist and knew she wanted to make a career of it one week into her training.

But she probably never dreamed she’d be part of the elite 2017 Skillaroos team to compete on a global level in Abu Dhabi in October.

She admits she entered the competition on a whim but her entries caught the eyes of the judges.

Those who have watched a makeup contouring or nail art tutorial video know there is skills involved.

It’s a fine line between the perfect blend and streaky mess.

But Lily takes it one step further.

She’s not just applying some eye shadow or fake lashes.

She incorporates other physical elements to make her creations really stand out, such as gold leafing.

Lily is in her early 20s and it’s so refreshing seeing young adults taking control of their career, branching out and honing their skills.

There are 17 people in total from the whole country representing Australia out of hundreds of entrants.

To think that one of them is from Wagga is so encouraging to other young adults or those learning a new skill.

There is life beyond this city.

Just because we don’t have the perceived advantages of metropolitan areas, does not mean we don’t have access to amazing opportunities. 

Lily is in the midst of a gruelling training regime to prepare her for the world stage.

Even though she’s made the team, it’s not enough for her to rest on her laurels.

Lily’s enthusiasm and pride should be an inspiration to all and a lesson that you can always learn new skills, no matter how long you’ve been in a job.

The Daily Advertiser wishes Lily luck overseas.

To support Lily on her trip to Abu Dhabi, visit her GoFundMe page Help Lily compete in Abu Dhabi.


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