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A reader has thanked the mental health unit at Wagga Rural Referral Hospital for its recent assistance with a family member.
A reader has thanked the mental health unit at Wagga Rural Referral Hospital for its recent assistance with a family member.

Thanks for the help

Our family would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the staff at the mental health recovery unit in Wagga for what they achieved in helping our daughter in the eight-week program that she was involved in.

Working with mental health patients would have its challenges and would not be easy at times and could be a very thankless and tough job I'd imagine.

The efforts of all staff, but especially Toni, Laura and Joel to bring our daughter back to us after suffering from post natal depression is something that we are very appreciative of and something that we will be forever grateful.

A great effort by all involved, keep up the good work as mental health is a huge issue and it's great to see positive results happening.

Shane Lenon, Lockhart

Fighting back

Gundagai Council in Exile Inc. was formed to fight the disgraceful forced amalgamation of both Cootamundra and Gundagai shires in May, 2016. There are many similar groups statewide also fighting to overturn the former Baird government’s move to strip communities of their dignity and democracy.

We have made it very clear that our fight will continue for as long as it takes to return democracy to those NSW communities currently living under punitive administration. The proposed elections in September will not deter us from our resolve.

The Upper House of the NSW Parliament recently passed a Bill that, if enacted, will see forced amalgamations stop and allow those that were amalgamated a plebiscite for a return to the previous council area that existed before it was proclamation of the new council.

This Bill will be placed before the Lower House in August for debate.

Many country National Party members have used the excuse that they were not given the opportunity to vote for or against amalgamation as it was done by Proclamation. They have indicated sympathy to their constituents but have done nothing despite evidence of the overwhelming desire for demerger (certainly in our community).

We now all have the opportunity to ask our local members what their vote will be. 

Be assured that if this Bill does not pass, the next round of amalgamations will happen soon and it could be your community that loses its identity and democracy. They will of course tell you that they will not force amalgamations – the same line that was given to us prior to the last election.

Glen Moore

Secretary, Gundagai Council in Exile

Money around the world

We have all heard the yarn that ‘whoever pays the piper, calls the tune’. Consider the following real situation in our muddled world  right now.

The USA is now an exporter of oil, yes, that’s right, the USA is exporting oil. And, to make matters worse, Trump has unstopped oil drillers from drilling on a heap more

‘Federal’ land throughout the USA. And, he has authorised the building of a big pipeline to bring in oil from Canada.

Soon they will be swimming in the stuff. And the price of oil must drop sharply right around the world. Now, the other side of the story where the ‘money’ bit comes in.

The countries along the northern edge of the African continent , and further right over to Afghanistan cannot produce enough food to feed their people.

The worst example is Yemen, which imports around 80 per cent of its food. And what have they been using to buy their food? The money they have been getting for their oil of course.

Now that the oil exports to the USA Have stopped ( and the USA has been one of the largest buyers ) what are they going to use to buy their food ?

What happens next?

Des Goonan, Wagga


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