Children can dive into one last prehistoric performance before holidays end

A prehistoric aquarium showcase will arrive at the Civic Theatre this weekend and will invite children to dive into the performance.

Erths Prehistoric Aquarium will connect audiences to the science of fossilised nature and is “a little bit of fantasy that happens under water,” performer Drew Fairley said.

“We start at the beginning of time,” he said. “Before the Earth even existed and we go right from the beginning up until the time before dinosaurs existed.

“We’ll have a very large tank on stage and it it are some of the biggest apex predators that have ever existed.”

The show will be a final school holiday treat to catch before heading back into the classroom, Mr Fairley said.

Kids can find out what Plesiosaur’s skin feels like and how big a Kronosaurus’ teeth are.

“I know as a parent that second week of holidays, you are really hoping things go well,”  he said,

“The show has a good track record because it’s pretty imaginative.

“There’s action, fear and a story line that people can engage with.”

Three performances will be on show from July 14 and over the weekend and tickets can be booked at the Civic Theatre’s website.