It will take three little dollars to save PCYC

Three dollars is hardly worth arguing about.

It’s about the amount of small change rattling around the bottom of our handbags and we happily pay more than that for a cup of coffee.

But it could be enough to save Wagga’s Police Citizen’s Youth Club (PCYC).

The club’s regional general manager Brett Somerville is so unsure council will fund the $3 million needed for the project he made a public plea on social media at the weekend.

He’s asking residents dig deep and each contribute $3 to the project – and he promises something in return.

For just $3, he guarantees you’ll be contributing to a $18 million that will potentially inject $35 million into the community.

The project creates jobs and gives problem youth somewhere to turn to.

Multiple stories and surveys have been written and conducted by us over the recent weeks and all of them show the same thing.

The community wants this facility and they don’t seem to mind who funds it. 

State government, council or the public – no one knows who’s responsible but everyone wants to facility to go ahead.

So why don’t we do something about it?

In the grand scheme of things, $3 isn’t much.

You won’t miss it after donating and PCYC probably won’t fund the whole project.

But it shows how serious we are about the facility.

And it might put a bit of extra pressure on council to approve the funding.

Police, politicians, councillors and community organisations have all shown their support for the facility.

It’s time for the community to show their support.

Because if we can’t support it now, how will we support it should it ever come to fruition?

Now Mr Somerville has started the #Three4PCYC, the message is able to spread like wildfire through social media.

So start a campaign, share the post, contribute some money.

Don’t you want to be able to say you were a part of something?

Every time you walk past the building, wouldn’t it be nice to look at it and think “I had something to do with that?”

There are not a lot of projects around the city that the public can take ownership of and this one – where the community and police work together – is a great one to put your name to.


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