Comedian finds out airline security no joke

What’s the deal with airline food?

Those who grew up in simpler times might recall this old joke introduction being attributed to comedian Jerry Seinfeld way back in the 20th century.

But things as trivial as airline food, travel, or even where you are seated can never be joked about.

Not now in the era of terror.

Well-known Australian comedian Wil Anderson flew to Wagga on Saturday to play his part in the Wagga Comedy Fest.

But, his plans were thrown into disarray when he was accused by Qantas staff on his Sydney-to Wagga flight that he was being “disruptive”.

A decade ago, Mr Anderson was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, a condition that reportedly leaves the comedian in a near constant state of pain, and makes it difficult for him to disembark from planes.

The Gruen TV show host told a packed audience at Wagga Civic Theatre that due to chronic osteoarthritis in his back he had to be strapped.

He said he was told he had to move from the emergency row because he couldn't move the 40-kilogram escape hatch should an emergency occur.

He also remarked that maybe it was possible the flight staff thought his strapping was a bomb.

Imagine if his wit took over in the moment and he threw that one-liner in mid-flight?

At least it sounds like the police who arrested and questioned Mr Anderson applied some common sense to the situation.

We live in a scary world where the plane we’re on could be used as a weapon in an act of terror. There’s no hiding behind this unfortunate reality.

And it’s no joke that vehicles are now being used to be propelled into busy pedestrian thoroughfares. But not from harmless comedians.

But, to have what seems to be a pretty benign incident escalate to having at least six police vehicles rush out to the Wagga airport to handcuff and take a person away is a waste of resources at best.

As we now know, the show went on – albeit half an hour late – and no charges have been laid against the shocked comedian, who insisted to reporters camped at the police station that it was all a misunderstanding.

At the very least, the comedian stumbled upon some topical material for his show.


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