Wagga receives tourism boost

From the Snowy Mountains to the Hay Plains – Wagga will be spruiked across the state as the place to be. 

Named as the headquarters of Destination Riverina Murray, the announcement is part of the state’s plan to boost regional tourism. 

Tim McMullen

Tim McMullen

Mates Gully owner Marcia McCoy said the announcement was “sensational” for Wagga, with the power to bring more tourism to the area. 

“This will give us well needed tourism boost, especially in winter when we need it the most,” Ms McCoy said. 

Borambola Wines managing director Tim McMullen, who puts together a number of local events, said the headquarters would enable streamlining. 

“It’s a new direction for the region and we are very excited about it,” Mr McMullen said. 

“Having a board who knows what does and doesn’t work in the area will be a huge help, it will make our lives a lot easier.” 

Working out of Wagga’s Visitor Information Centre, staff will be expected to be out on the road, in order to promote what the city has to offer. 

Wagga MP Daryl Maguire said the announcement would benefit the “entire region”, with plans to double regional overnight visitor expenditure by 2020. 

“More activity across the region creates more jobs and boosts our local economies,” Mr Maguire said. 

“We have so many iconic places to visit and every dollar spent generates a benefit.” 

With regional tourism employing 85,000 people across the state, Mr Maguire said Wagga was chosen for transport and geographical factors. 

“Wagga has a very good story to tell,” he said.