Wagga winter street planning kicks off

Robyn Paton.
Robyn Paton.

After the controversial removal of several plane trees in Wagga, council has put careful consideration into the selection of 550 new street trees. 

Despite the selection of trees which include a mixture of species, years of concern over trees causing asthma in the city is yet to be eradicated.  

Wagga City Council commercial operations sector manager Caroline Angel said the annual plantings added to the “liveability of our city”. 

“Staff consider a variety of factors when selecting trees for different parts of the city including geographical and environmental factors,” Ms Angel said. 

“A small amount of cedar trees are being planted this year and while they can be an issue for asthma sufferers, we use a low-fruiting variety to minimise any impact.” 

Plane trees had previously been blamed for hayfever and asthma, with residents and medical professionals calling for a solution. 

MLHD respiratory clinical nurse consultant Robyn Paton has advised those planting trees to consult expert documents. 

“I don’t expect anyone to destroy existing lovely old trees but I think if anyone is doing new planting they should consider reading the Asthma Friendly Gardens document found online,” Ms Paton said. 

“The document talks about bird and insect pollonated trees as opposed to wind pollonated trees, like cedar and plane.” 

Native plantings including eucalypts, water gums, bottlebrushes and melaleucas as well as various exotic trees will be planted in streets across central Wagga up until the end of June.