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The proposed routes for a Wagga bypass. Some more than others are creating issues. What do you think? Have your say at letters@dailyadvertiser.com.au.
The proposed routes for a Wagga bypass. Some more than others are creating issues. What do you think? Have your say at letters@dailyadvertiser.com.au.

Say no to the bypass

I am a farm owner and resident on the eastern side of Ashfords Road and also with farm land on the western side of Ashfords Road fronting Boiling Down Road, the proposed new highway route.

This proposed highway would have a considerable impact on my residence, sheds etc. and farm on the eastern side of Ashfords Road and also on the Boiling Down Road farm as it could prevent me gaining access to the farmland which is serviced only by Boiling Down Road.

I use Boiling Down Road daily and it is essential to my being able to carry on my farming enterprise.



In agreeance

I agree with Paul Bosman’s letter on June 14. For all the good research in outer space does we might as well save the money and then waste it hanging up few ornaments at the roundabouts.

And after the serving you gave me Paul when you joined the vegans, I don’t think it is the right thing to give your bulldog a meaty bone.

Bryan Pomeroy


A big ticket issue in the WWITS relates to a proposed Wagga Wagga bypass for heavy vehicles. Several options have been designed…the most controversial one being the Southern Bypass.

Most will agree that an alternative route for the large number of trucks passing through our city centre would be beneficial. Why a northern bypass is preferable:

  • Bypassing via Bomen area keeps heavy vehicles in an already designated industrial zone
  • already includes large sections of existing roads which have been built and designed for heavy vehicles
  • would be much safer as it would not require many rural road crossings needed along the alternative route
  • funding has already been allocated to up-grade Eunony bridge
  • adds weight to the existing need to duplicate Gobba Bridge
  • facilitates viable opportunities for heavy industry to build and/or relocate to the industrial hub
  • it consolidates access to and from the Intermodal Freight Hub planned for Bomen
  • Bomen has the space and gazetted zoning for future industrial development which could potentially be required for increased heavy vehicle access
  • diverting any funds needed for a Southern option to the northern bypass would go a long way towards financing the northern route and improving access to the Bomen industrial hub – without disrupting and alienating huge sections of the community.
  • encourages visitors and travellers to continue along the current route through Wagga, retaining the economic benefits for local businesses
  • it avoids cocooning Wagga Wagga city in a ring road of industry and heavy vehicles
  • retains a road network for the many road cyclists who access and train in this rural area
  • it avoids creating noise pollution issues with the potential to echo into many southern suburbs like Lake Albert, Lakehaven (including The Grange), Springvale, Glenoak and even to the hills of Tatton.
  • it avoids massively negative and life-changing impacts on landholders and communities bordering southern Wagga
  • land acquisition, re-zoning and land-use restrictions would not be necessary
  • supports the opportunity to retain the south as a peaceful, more rural corridor where people live and farm

I urge you to check out the full proposals on council’s website and have your say there.

Margo Angel, Lake Albert


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