Convicted killer John Holschier set to walk free again

John Holschier. Picture: Facebook

John Holschier. Picture: Facebook

CONVICTED killer John Holschier will be freed from jail again next week if an allegation he breached a condition of his extended supervision order is dropped, as expected.

Holschier, also known as John Godfrey, has been behind bars on remand since his arrest April 25, just one day after serving a five-month sentence for an identical offence.

Holschier is accused of breaching the order by allowing the battery in a movement monitoring device attached to his ankle to go flat at the Wagga motel he was staying in temporarily after his release from the Junee Correctional Centre.

He pleaded not guilty to the charge at the first opportunity in April and was prepared to go to a hearing.

In Wagga Local Court on Wednesday, solicitor John Weir representing Holschier made a joint application with the prosecution to have the case adjourned to Central Local Court in Sydney next Monday.

Mr Weir said it was likely – although the prosecution was waiting for confirmation – that “the proceedings will be terminated”.

No reason for dropping the charge was given.

But it is possible the move is linked with Holschier agreeing not to come back to Wagga.

Mr Weir said the view of Community Corrections and the Crown Solicitor’s Office was Sydney is the best place for Holschier to live.

“I have spoken to Mr Holschier, and he agrees,” Mr Weir told magistrate Erin Kennedy.

Mr Weir indicated the process would be made smoother if Holschier’s case was adjourned to Central Local Court where he could appear in person and then be released from custody and taken to a form of half-way house in southern Sydney.

After Ms Kennedy pointed out people on remand rarely appeared in Central Local Court in person, she instead adjourned Holschier’s case to Parramatta Local Court next Monday.

Holschier, now 49, was jailed in 1991 for murdering his partner and grievously harming their 13-month-old daughter.

He was released on parole in September, 2014, but three months later was declared a high-risk offender and made subject to a three-year-extended supervision order.

Any time Holschier spends in custody is added to the order.

Meanwhile, a Wagga man arrested after he allegedly skipped court bail did not make another application when his case was mentioned on Wednesday.

Jordan Widders, 18, is charged with two counts of receiving stolen property (car keys and an iPhone), trespassing on a Lake Albert property and stealing several cans of soft drink at the property.

His case returns to court next Monday.