Lack of consultation is a hot topic … again

Imagine sitting in your living room and a truck drives straight through your home while you’re watching the evening news.

This is the reality facing some residents in Lake Albert if the new southern bypass is approved.

OK so maybe it’s not that dramatic.

But the bypass will cut through at least one home and numerous other properties if it is approved.

And understandably, residents aren’t happy about it.

Some are even going so far as to say they will move if this route is approved.

The lack of community consultation about many developments that have emerged lately is the most common refute readers have.

Because more important than the latest development is how it will affect the residents of Wagga.

That’s what people are most concerned about.

Those living in Ashmont or Tolland will hardly care about a bypass in Lake Albert but as soon as it starts affecting residents and their way of life, even they come out in protest.

It’s not like this is new developments.

Wagga residents are not shy about making their opinions known.

So why do developers and council still think they can propose these projects without community consultation?

You can check every box but how about actually talking to the people it will affect?

Is it because any negativity means they need to back off and that’s inconvenient?

Surely it’s not because they don’t care what we have to say.

But if there is one thing we have learned over the years it’s that Wagga residents will not give up the fight.

Whatever the cause, if they truly believe in it, they will not stop.

We don’t want this to happen at the expense of developments.

The city needs growth and improvements.

But how would these developers and planners feel if it was a road running through their property?

The inconvenience of a road through a property is not the only concern.

Noise and air pollution in an otherwise quiet rural area in suburban Wagga is also a worry.

All we can do it sit back and wait to see which route is approved and how it really affects residents.


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