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Are we throwing money away on pointless projects while medical research is underfunded? One reader thinks so.
Are we throwing money away on pointless projects while medical research is underfunded? One reader thinks so.

Call for change

Years ago, Pauline Hanson in her maiden speech warned Australia that it was being overrun with Asians. Governments are so disloyal to the Aussie people, they turn a ‘conveniently’ blind eye.

The reason they have gotten away with it is because they silenced the true blues freedom of speech in what was once our right in our Australian democracy.

We saw how the ‘left’ crucified the late Bill Leak, out to get him or anyone like him brave enough to speak out and tell it how it really is. This is why they introduced the “anti discrimination act section 18C” so that they could enable the multicultural myth to continue uninterrupted with the true blue voice under duress should it object. To add further insult to injury they gave us (without our consent) the rights of the child act when 98 per cent of parents were doing the right thing and instead of checking the two per cent who weren’t exercising their parental duty of care, they punished the 98 per cent along with them who were. Just another opportunity to gain even more “Marxist” power over the people.

Even teachers aren’t allowed to discipline these out of control kids any more than our courts of law are “allowed” to do, which is why they return to the streets to re-offend knowing that they are the untouchables and the sky's the limit at the ongoing expense of our society.

When discipline reigned at home, at school and on the work front we never had the dysfunctional society we have today. By example from the 98 per cent of parents who were doing the right thing their kids learnt self discipline, respect and a sense of worth.

Both the Anti Discrimination Act and the Rights of the Child Act should be abolished in their entirety and get things back to how they were based on commonsense values.

It’s time our governments of all persuasions started reinforcing the rights of the true blue Aussie people and enforce the new comers into line before we all vote One Nation, One flag under “Aussie Rules”

Yvonne Rance


How our money should be spent

In a discussion group the subject was “our federal government’s priorities in the allocation of finances”.

Billions of dollars are spent on outer space research.

The results may be interesting and fascinating and may fill thousands of books but are the benefits worth it?

Shouldn’t our tax dollars be used for things of far greater priority and urgency, such as finding cures for cancer, diabetes, arthritis, dementia etc? 

To reduce suffering and improve quality of life and to reduce the escalating cost of health care.

One of the men in the discussion group was a retired medical research scientist who astoundingly said that pharmaceutical companies have a cure for cancer, but do not release it. I shared this outstanding information with a medical doctor who said it was true.

There are cures for other illnesses that are also not released because all the medications produced and sold bring in a very great fortune.

Money is always the overruling factor. Money is the God to be worshipped above all even above health and quality of life.

What are we going to do about this neglect by the pharmaceutical companies? What can we do about this?

Shrug the shoulders and do nothing is just what the pharmaceutical companies want us to do.

The very best we can and should do is to speak to our local Federal Member to put pressure on our Federal Government and to not give up.

Our apathy is the pharmaceutical company’s greatest friend. We must be as tenacious as a bulldog with a meaty bone.

Paul Bosman



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