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January 14, 1918

Read all my letters before going to sleep last night. Heavy fall of snow during the night but it did not last long. Nothing much doing so tried to do some writing and also wrote up the old diary. My general impression of England during my trip was splendid. The people appeared to be solid and were putting up with discomforts such as shortage of sugar, tea and meat, and were quite content to put up with more. Their general spirit was very cheering and I returned to France satisfied that we in the Field were being backed up by those at home.

Concerning our voting on Conscription I went over prepared to bury my head with shame, but I found that the matter had been dismissed as of no importance and they had not condemned us because of the great love they have for us, some even go so far to say that probably they would have voted the same if they were in our place. Latest voting gives a small majority for yes in the soldiers’ vote. Hughes has apparently gone back on his word as he has not gone to the country on the question. His reason I know not, his action is damnable, making a farce of political honesty.


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