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January 8, 1918

Spent most of the morning ringing up Dartford to get Ramsay up for the evening as I had arranged to meet M.L. and D.W.A. for dinner and the theatre after. Had lunch at the Y.M.C.A. and met Ramsay at Charing Cross Station. This was the coldest day I had yet experienced in London, and altho’ I did not mind I noticed that others did. Met Ramsay about 2.30 and we strolled round finishing up at Bussard’s in Oxford St. for afternoon tea, which we sat over yarning for a long time. At 6.30 p.m. we met M.L. and D.W.A. and went along to “The Rendezvous” for dinner which was first rate.

We then went along to see “Arlette” at the Shaftesbury. It was about the best of its kind I had seen, having good music and plenty of fun. Joseph Coyne and Winifred Barnes were the leaders. Then tube to Notting Hill Gate, supper at Bristo’s and taxi back to hotel. Nearly repeated my previous mistake of losing one glove, but this time went back and found it, the last time I did this it cost me 10/6 for a new pair. Ramsay could not book a room at the Hotel, so we slept together in my single bed, some squeeze but we managed. We had breakfast together next morning.


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