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December 11, 1917

Sudden orders arrived to-day for the transport to move off to-morrow at 8 a.m. This meant a great hustle to pack up our equipment as it all had to be loaded up. Apparently the patients we have to the number of 240 were not considered for one moment by the heads. By this order we had to withdraw all our gear which included feeding utensils, etc. which left the Hospital destitute. Shift was made to-night with a few odd cups and the patients’ mess tins, but ‘tis a scandal that such poor consideration has been shown to the men.

Having a new A.D.M.S. may be the cause. However it is a blunder but one which fortunately rarely occurs. Packed up all my dispensary gear to-night, being still by myself. When I changed over to A. Section I took with me C. panniers which I have been looking after. It caused a slight commotion amongst the Q.M. Staff, but I considered that I was entitled to do it because of the care I had lavished on them making them the best set.

An answer to the Colonel’s recommendation has been received. The A.D.M. S. returned answer that the D.M.S, had ruled that no Staff Sgt. could be made in Field Ambulances. In the colonel’s letter he spoke of my long service qualifications, had good command of men and would make an efficient warrant officer. When I said: “It’s hard luck, Sir” he replied: “I’m not so sure about that I’m going to take up the matter privately and see what I can do.” What he meant I don’t quite know as he was called away just then.

Had 5 taubes or rather Gothas over yesterday and quite low down comparatively speaking, it was a most brazen flight, and they apparently got away. Voted on conscription to-day. ‘Tis hard to say how it will go with the troops, there being a good number of Noes. Personally I think that it will be carried this time and I sincerely hope so. Those against it have no real argument, some say they don’t believe in forcing others to come.

Some are agin the government, some vote no because they are up against certain officers and so on, they never attempt to look at the matter from a National standpoint. It demonstrates what I believe that the people cannot be trusted to decide such national questions which appeal to their natural selfishness and bias.


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