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November 9, 1917

We reached our camp at 10 a.m. and luckily found only one section gone so we were at home straight away. In the afternoon I started to write up the trip from my notes and turned in perfectly happy despite the rain and mud, and slept the sleep dedicated to the just. Throughout the weather was good with a little rain one day, but not enough to interfere with us, and although it was late autumn and would be considered by most a bad time for a visit, yet we found it otherwise, being perfectly content.

My opinion of the French was improved by the trip, the effusive demonstrative side was not in evidence once (except perhaps at the theatre) and it would do us good to emulate at least their politeness. We saw representatives of several armies, the American being most in evidence, then there were Russians and Serbians and of course Belgians, French, British and Australians. English was spoken everywhere and one found English people in all quarters.

At the restaurants the meals were always well cooked and served, quite up to the reputation of French cooks, and in places other than swell where one expects to pay heavily for show they were cheap. The number of Churches we visited were many, but in these old cities they are a part of the history and development of the city and are thus interesting. Owing to the war and economy many of the places were closed, but this had its merits, it enabled us to see more exteriors and more of the city.


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