Wagga lecturer calls for hands-on learning

Chasing Comets prepares to film in Wagga.
Chasing Comets prepares to film in Wagga.

A Wagga television production lecturer has called for more internship programs for students, due to the changing landscape of competitive industries. 

Charles Sturt University television and media production lecturer Rachel Walls, who has been involved in the industry for more than 20 years, said internships should be considered in all disciplines because it can be “tough to catch a break”. 

Ms Walls said while internship programs had been the norm for doctors and nurses for many years, courses like animation should open their doors to more opportunities. 

“If you’re a film editor and you have 600 people looking for a job you have to look at what makes a person unique,” Ms Walls said. 

“As an employer you have to trust someone will show up and deliver.” 

Ms Walls said working with current professionals in an internship program also allows staff to keep their course updated. 

“Going back 20 years there weren’t as many formal programs and some degrees were more of an arts based thing,” Ms Walls said. 

“Now people come to university and they expect to get a job in their field, an internship can really kickstart their career.” 

Students will meet with industry professionals on May 24 and 25 for presentations, a Q&A session and interviews for ongoing internships. 

“The advantage of an internship is that the student has the first foot in the door for opportunities,” Ms Walls said. 

“It’s a chance for the student to give a good impression and for employers to examine if an intern is worth an entry level position.”