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Our weather is getting wilder but the debate still rages. Climate change - real or fake?
Our weather is getting wilder but the debate still rages. Climate change - real or fake?

Tip of the climate iceberg

Ray’s Reasoning should be renamed to Ray’s Ranting. The claim by the Greens, and others, “that the link between extreme weather events, climate change and human activity is largely responsible for global warming” is totally false. Just as the false conviction by the once famous and considered believable Al Gore, who predicted and warned about a climatic catastrophe 10 years into the future. Nothing came of it. Nothing but falseness. Useless scare mongering.

Some of our political leaders swallowed it. Wasn’t it all confirmed by so many scientists? And scientists couldn’t be wrong. One of the results was the building of a number of desalination plants at a cost of billions of dollars. 

But to put the blame of these on human activity is wrong, naive, ignorant. Statements such as Greens MP Adam Bandt that “the more coal we burn, the more intense extreme weather events like cyclone Debbie will be” are nonsense, based on false reasoning, scary theories, not on facts.

Don’t ignore the disasters, be prepared, and base your reasoning on facts. Don’t push for fallacies such as carbon tax.

If all of you , who claim that climate change is human induced, are genuine in your belief that CO2 levels must be reduced, then stop immediately consuming beer, wine and soft drinks, amounting to billions of bottles and cans releasing the evil CO2 into the air daily- or else you are the greatest hypocrites in the world. And stop travelling by air and by car because you contribute to air pollution and thereby to climate change. Again, if you are genuine use pushbikes and electric cars immediately. If you don’t, you are mere hypocrites.

Paul Bosman


Change of scenery

I have been looking to move to some place that’s more peaceful and quiet.

As you can see by my address I live in Glebe and with Sydney’s population explosion, it has become very noisy unfortunately. I live close to fire brigade and police station and they go 24/7.

I am retired now for two years. I was a caretaker/handyman for a block of 120 apartments for 25 years. I have various interests, they include reading and gardening. I have a particular interest in cultivating bonsais, going for walks and music. I don’t smoke, onky would have a glass of wine on special occasions, non gambler and quiet personality. If interested you can drop me a few lines.

Eddie Maguire



Kenyan Angela Aseka just wanted to be a good hard working Australian whilst her daughter wanted a good education, however, the Australian Government flexed their muscles and are to deport these people back to who-knows-what.

What a shame our spineless government did not use the same muscle to bring George Pell home to answer a multitude of charges, which resulted in untold lives being ruined.

Peter Dolden


Too little, too late

Great that Geoff Thomas (Daily Advertiser, May 1) ceased being a ‘homophobe’. Too bad he is prejudiced against opponents of same-sex ‘marriage’, assuming that we are as he was. Members of the Australian Christian Lobby and Wagga’s Marriage Action Group do not hate gays.

Mr Thomas need not be surprised that he was not jeered or booed at on his trip - that is not our way. We seek a respectful dialogue on the issue of preserving family life for proper nurturing of our precious children by both of their biological parents, if at all possible. SOmething which is impossible with homosexual ‘marriage’.

Darcy Maybon



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