Samuel Johnson epitomises a brother’s love

Samuel Johnson and his sister Connie are your typical brother and sister duo.

Sure they have their arguments, like the time she scolded him on social media for swearing in public.

They are supportive of each other, they laugh at and with each other, they value their family time and they are ruthlessly protective of each other.

And the way he looks at her – it is nothing short of spectacular. 

Yes, they are just like any other siblings except for one factor – Connie has terminal cancer.

She has bravely fought for seven years but earlier this year announced her fight was over, that she was stopping her medication.

The country has watched Samuel go from up-and-coming actor, to superstar to one of Australia’s biggest cancer advocates.

It started with a unicycle and when that was over, it grew.

Samuel gave up his acting career to start Love Your Sister with Connie without a second thought.

Even his Gold Logie acceptance speech was all about Connie and their ‘village’.

Most brothers won’t even give up the last biscuit from the tin.

Since then he has unicycled across the country, attempted world records and initiated a nation-wide swear jar campaign, all with the help of the charity’s villagers.

But the latest endeavour is the most impressive.

One of Connie’s last requests is to create a giant heart from five cent pieces and donate the money to cancer research.

Their goals were admirable because honestly, who misses a five cent piece once it’s gone?

Money started streaming in and the Big Heart Project exceeded their expectations.

The heart was created last week and raised more than $2.2 million.

It brings their total in seven years to more than $5 million for cancer research.

It is hard to not be affected by that.

Wagga High School students are creating their own big heart and donating the proceeds to Love Your Sister.

We are challenging other businesses, sporting and school groups in Wagga to get involved.

Collect your five cent pieces, change from your morning coffee run or wayward $5 notes and let’s donate to this cause.

The entire nation is behind this duo – Wagga should be involved too.


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