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Groove Factory plays at the International Jazz Day event, which was deemed a success by organisers.
Groove Factory plays at the International Jazz Day event, which was deemed a success by organisers.

The three Rs

It was pleasing to see recently a decision for schools to re-introduce the three basics of education, namely reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmatic. Why they were ever dropped remains a mystery.

This serves as a reminder that councils should also remember their three R’s - Roads, Rates and Rubbish. These are their priorities. Certainly not Levee Banks.

Firstly, almost all the problems caused by bad roads cannot be insured against, mainly damage to cars, etc. Almost all damage caused by flooding can be insured against.

The purpose of the levee bank is to protect council’s critical assets and infrastructure and private property from flood damage. It is council’s responsibility to insure their assets. It is the responsibility of owners to insure their property.

We should look at the risk factor. The current levee bank height is 10.6m. The Murrumbidgee River has only exceeded this height twice in the last 164 years. In 1870, the level reached 10.67m. Fast forward to 1974, when the recorded height was 10.74m. In the last 43 years, the river has risen no higher than 10.6m. Had the levee bank been in place since 1853, then insurance companies would have reaped a bonanza, just 2 payouts in the CBD in 164 years.

These figures do not promote any urgency to suddenly raise the levee. 

The need to spend in excess of $23 million is not justified. The proposed method to upgrade the levee is many times more expensive, time consuming and clumsy than the alternative which is to simply insert 2-metre reinforced concrete slabs into the existing levee.

The money saved should then be spent on roads.

Norman Alexander


Sounds of success

On behalf of the Committee of Wagga Wagga’s International Jazz Day, I thank everyone for their support. That means the sponsors, the audience and especially the musicians who gave so generously of their time to give us a great afternoon and evening of jazz.

Our sponsors were the RSL Club and the Commercial Club, Allison Music, Wagga Wagga City Council, What a Peach, Prime 7, Two AAA FM, Red Eye Designs, The Daily Advertiser and the ABC Riverina. Without your support, this event would not happen.

The evening bands were the Australian Army Band Kapooka, Groove Factory, Wagga AllStars Jazz Band, Meredith & Conmen, Peter Brown and Friends and Jazz Daiquiri. Please remember that their time given includes practice, travel etc, not just the time they were in front of us on stage.

Very special thanks and congratulations go to the two school bands who performed for us in the afternoon – the Christian College and the Riverina Anglican College bands. Please encourage all the young musicians, wherever they go to school.

I thank our committee members for their dedication, support and work throughout the year. We look forward to Saturday, 28th April 2018.

Jean Haste


Change of scenery

I have been looking for an opportunity to move to some place that’s more peaceful and quiet. 

I live in Glebe and with Sydney’s population explosion it has become very noisy unfortunately. I love close to fire brigade and police station and they go 24/7.

I am retired now for two years. I was caretaker/handyman for a block of 120 apartments for 25 years. I have various interests, they include reading and gardening. I have a particular interest in cultivating bonsai, going for walks and music. I don’t smoke, only would have a glass of wine on special occasions, non gambler and quiet personality. If interested, you can drop me a line.

Eddie Maguire



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