Honk if you’re frustrated at this proposal

Wagga residents do this dance with each other.

Most of the time they aren’t aware they are doing it but drive into the CBD at lunch time any given day and you’ll see it.

Motorists are hunched over the wheel, frantically scanning their peripheral vision on the chance they strike it lucky.

Swerving, ducking and weaving through people and cars, they’ll do anything to secure a car park.

They will make you wait behind them until the old lady loads her shopping, totters to the driver’s side, gets in and drives off.

They will cue across intersections and honk in frustration.

And they won’t bat an eyelid at wasting half a tank of petrol driving around to secure a parking space outside the shop they want to go to.

Ask any resident and they will probably tell you parking is scarce in Wagga.

“We need more parking in the main street” is not a phrase we are hearing for the first time.

Wagga City Council this week announced they will double the amount of disabled parking spaces in central Wagga, predominantly in Baylis, Fitzmaurice, Church and Fitzhardinge streets.

No one is disputing the need for more disabled parking – that announcement has been welcomed.

But to take away normal parking spaces?

Oh yes, that’s what they are proposing.

To sacrifice 13 spots in the main street for conversion. 

It seems ludicrous to make it harder for the majority of people to park.

Much like most decisions that council makes, this motion will probably not be well received by the public.

But what are the alternatives?

We cannot just whinge that this isn’t a suitable solution without considering an alternative.

In order for something to be built, a structure in the existing location must be sacrificed.

Do we campaign for a multi-storey car park in the CBD?

And how far from the main street is too far to park?

There is ample parking available, if you are willing to walk a bit.

Car parks are dotted along Peter Street, near the beach and in multiple side streets in the CBD.

But something tells us it won’t be enough.


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