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Public art and its place in our city continues to divide residents.
Public art and its place in our city continues to divide residents.

Distorting the facts

In a discussion with Rudyard Kipling, a light-hearted Mark Twain is supposed to have said ‘Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.’

A bit cynical but unfortunately often applied by journalists, commentators and politicians.

Would you believe it? A Greens MP said that the Christian teaching, eg. on pre-maritual sex, divorce and homosecuality is ‘dangerous stuff’.

The Department of Education and Communities has, without any communication, changed the guidelines for Interschool Christian Fellowship prayer and study groups in schools.

Parental permission must be obtained for students to attend.

The content of activities must be monitored, and students must promise not to engage in attempts to convert others.

What about freedom of religion and freedom of speech? It’s gradually being whittled away by the social engineers, both within and outside of government.

Therefore, be forewarned and discerning about who you vote for at any election.

Paul Bosman


Rail Trail to Ladysmith problem

Some people are getting excited about the potential for the Wagga to Ladysmith Rail Trail. Currently, the rail line goes through the RAAF Base at Forest Hill and I very much doubt that access through such a security-conscious area will be granted. 

How then will the trail go to Ladysmith? I doubt the RMS would allow such a trail to run beside the highway past the RAAF Base and anyway, that wouldn’t be safe. 

Will new property need to be purchased on the southern side of the airport? 

Good luck finding farmers who will sell.

Graeme Callander


Public art stoush 

Following the discussion on public art, per se, your readers may be interested in a quote from the Spectator Australia magazine May 6 this year. 

"In the past half century almost anything that is good, inspiring or enjoyable in visual art has become swallowed up in the whole of the Western world through the emergence of so-called ‘state art’.”

Autry also quotes art historian David Lee on public art as "it has contributed to the ruin of the fine art college system, which now teaches practically nothing but the transparent pretence of intellectualism, and produces “artists” fit only for the state art treadmill.”

He further quotes from the late Elizabeth Durack, writing on political correctness dominating society, with these words "in Australia the starting point for the art take-over was the establishment of the Council for the Arts in the early 1970s.

Since then art as a centralised arm of government has become sturdily entrenched and analogous to the prickly pear and rabbit…

Harsh words maybe?

But food for thought, perhaps?

Gretchen Sleeman

San Isidore

Attack on retirees

This is an attack by the Turnball government and an all at sea treasurer, who is starting to make Joe Hockey look like a genius.

It will now push more self-funded retirees onto the full aged pension as their returns at the present time are near zero from banks and the stock market.

The only people making money are overpaid directors, bankers and fund managers with their million dollar salaries and perks, usually hidden away in tax free havens, which can be closed at the stroke of a pen.

If governments had the guts to start caring.

G.R. Hall



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