Henty woman Hunter Green used hydroponic set-up to grow cannabis from seeds she claims she bought on eBay

A HENTY woman told police she bought cannabis seeds on eBay to grow a crop of 18 plants that had a street value of $36,000.

Hunter Green, 28, was sentenced in Wagga Local Court on Monday after pleading guilty to cultivating a prohibited plant and possessing a prohibited drug (80 grams of dried cannabis leaf).

Agreed facts tendered to the court said police found the cannabis after executing a search warrant at Green’s home on November 18.

Green was growing the cannabis in what is known as a hydroponic grow tent in a rear bedroom.

Police described the set-up as elaborate with a sophisticated arrangement of PVC piping.

“This piping had plumbing attached to it and large holes cut at intervals,” the facts said.

“Within these holes were individual pots containing a total of 18 cannabis plants.

“Each plant was labeled with its strain and date of cultivation.

“The accused was cautioned in relation to the cannabis plants and made frank admissions to germinating the plants from seeds she purchased on eBay.”

Green’s solicitor, David Barron, told magistrate Michael Crompton that a pre-sentence report said Green had used illicit substances since she was 14.

“It is something she is seeking help for,” Mr Barron said. “She had reduced her consumption significantly and hopes to reduce it to zero shortly.”

Green was given a 12-month suspended jail sentence for growing the cannabis and was fined $400 for possessing the dried cannabis leaf.