Letters to the editor

Debate still rages about the rehab house proposal for the middle of the city.
Debate still rages about the rehab house proposal for the middle of the city.

Who’s it helping?

In response to Ross Mastroianni's letter regarding the location of the drug rehab house, he is absolutely correct in suggesting it be located in the hospital precinct, or alternatively a tranquil bush setting well away from temptation.

The problem with these alternatives is they don't suit the selfishness and greed of the property developers and their financial backers.  Make no mistake, they will be the only local people that will benefit from this establishment, should it go ahead. Think about it, no local business professional would be seen at a rehab house in the centre of their own town.

Hence, the fact that this house will be full of drug addicted blow-ins from all parts of the country whose families have re-mortgaged their house in order to send them to Wagga for a $48,000 four-month holiday. In the words of Jane Enter, the psychologist hired by Debbie Cox to try and sell the last submission to concerned residents at a public meeting, when asked what happens if an occupant relapses? "Oh we will have a bus that will take them to the airport or the train station immediately."

That doesn't sound like it’s a facility for locals does it? This is clearly a case of greedy developers aiming to profit from other people's misfortune. Thankfully the previous council realised this and the development application was voted against. We can only hope the new council also has the intelligence and fortitude to see this for what it really is, an unregulated cash cow, and do the same.

Jim Fagan


Only a matter of time

I am a driver with Baptist Community Care and we have several clients who are also clients of The Leisure Company. Until some weeks ago, The Leisure Company would open their back lane gates early allowing our mutual clients into their workplace, however this arrangement has now ceased, their staff refusing to open until 9am. Because of this delay, there are now often several clients waiting in the vehicle busy back lane, which I feel presents a safety risk. I have mentioned this concern to staff at The Leisure Company, however they do not show any concern. Surely it will not take an accident before sanity prevails.

Peter Dolden


Minimise pollution, please

I wonder if farmers who pollute the atmosphere in the district by burning off stubble would still do it if their children or family members suffered from asthma or other lung complaints.

The farmers who do this have no consideration for the tens of thousands of people who live in the towns in country areas. The Protection of the Environment (Clean Air) Regulation 2010 requires that burning be conducted in a manner which prevents or minimises air pollution. This is not happening and if I had the power to do so I would ban it altogether. The farmers should give us a break and stop inflicting everyone with this menace. Why should a minority of the population be allowed to treat the majority with such disrespect?

George Chapman


Who’s accountable?

It was reported in The Daily Advertiser on May 10 that “convicted child sex offenders would be able to volunteer for chemical castration under the reforms unveiled by the NSW government on Tuesday.” Take note of the keyword ‘volunteer.’ There is absolutely no enforcement, no invasion of rights, nothing barbaric.

It is therefore ever so characteristic that a Green MP should immediately criticise the idea of voluntary castration, labelling it on ‘18th century’ proposal. Makes you wonder who would ever vote for the Greens

Paul Bosman