Residents say ‘thank you’ to their mums

When we were little, she wiped our tears, bandaged our cuts, fought with us over eating our vegetables and tucked us in at night.

As we got older, she was a shoulder for us to cry on, where we went for life advice and our strongest advocate.

We call her mum.

Mothers across the region yesterday were treated to breakfast in bed and homemade gifts for Mother’s Day.

Kids squeal in delight as they hand over the items they made at school – a hand painted lump of clay, painted pasta stuck to a card or footprints in clay.

Florists must make a motser today as flowers of different blooms and colours are carted across the city.

And don’t even think about trying to buy flowers after midday, it’s slim pickings.

‘I love you mum’ mugs hold that first cup of coffee and lunch plans consists of picnic in the park or an outing to one of Wagga’s eateries.

Mums never seem to tire of getting the same gifts each year.

It must be part of those special mum powers they possess, like functioning on minimum sleep and instinctively knowing where the toddler hid their dummy.

It’s not about the money we spend as long as we get the message across.

And every person with a social media account proclaims they have the ‘world’s best mum’.

Is that actually quantifiable?

But seriously, through all the tears, fights, arguments, tantrums, ‘nos’ and second guessing, remember this - we appreciate you.

Who else can juggle school pick ups while baking for day care, washing team sporting uniforms and running a business while still having time to cook dinner?

They wash, cook, clean and act as mediator and they ask for little thanks in return.

Sure, there are many dads across the region who do the same thing and we don’t discount them.

Of course, Mother’s Day is not a joyous occasion for some people.

For those who have lost their mum, never met her or are estranged, this could be simply another Sunday or a time for reflection.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day mean different things to different people.

We are not suggesting it’s all happiness and gift giving, because unfortunately, that’s not the reality.


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