Gold Cup Fashions on the Field 2017

A former Wagga resident who handmade her winning Gold Cup outfit using vintage wool found in her cupboard has described this year’s fashions as “phenomenal”. 

Deb Parish won Couple of the Day along with her husband Len Parish in a jockey riding hat with a twist, classic colours and a touch of sparkle. 

Metallic accessories, exuberant patterns and darker tones dominated this year’s fashions. 

After seven years as the fashions host, former Wagga resident Julie Anne has labelled this year’s entrants the “best she’s ever seen”. 

“The hats were so unique and well-made, there were too many beautiful oufits to choose from,” Ms Anne said. 

“All of the looks were incredibly diverse.” 

Canberra’s Sally Martin finally got her big Lady of the Day win, after three years of placing in the top 10. 

Ms Martin’s said she threw together her outfit aiming for a traditional look. 

“My shoes were from an op-shop, my skirt been in the closet for years and my top was handmade,” Ms Martin said. 

Fashions on the Field winners: 

Lady of the Day – Sally Martin 

Man of the Day – Vas Seker 

Stylish Couple – Len and Deb Parish 

Young Contemporary – Ellie Merritt

Millinery Award – Leanne Rodd