Daily Advertiser letters to the editor, April 21

HAND OF HUMANITY: A letter writer says the media should show more sensitivity when reporting issues around refugees.
HAND OF HUMANITY: A letter writer says the media should show more sensitivity when reporting issues around refugees.

The joke’s on you

I WOULD like to thank the eight phone callers and four texters, along with the numerous people I have bumped into on the street, who have supported my letters concerning animal liberationist Jenny Moxham.

All I have said has been tongue in cheek.

Now I have Diane Cornelius saying I am making a fool by suggesting I would kill a cat.

Cats kill thousands of native critters for the fun of it.

I honestly thought Jenny and Diane’s letters were also written tongue in cheek but I might be wrong. Forget about being a fool, they must be just stupid. 

I in no way condone cruelty to animals for the same reason I support euthanasia. When you have to go, let’s hope it is as painless as possible.

Bryan Pomeroy


Reach out for needy

REFUGEES are a controversial topic. I believe it is a necessary conversation that should be encouraged, considering its relevance.

The media is influential towards its audience, this is why I kindly ask you to steer away from biased opinions.

It is crucial and only fair to keep in mind everybody’s stances on the topic.

No matter our culture, religion, gender, ethnicity and whatever separates us, everyone living in this country is a worthy human and rightful Australian.

The issue is often over-exaggerated within the media, sending people an incorrect message.

Contrary to what many people believe, asylum seekers only constitute 0.88 per cent of the global population. Could this minute percentage really be such an issue? 

I would hope to receive support if I were fleeing a country in a desperate bid to save my life. 

Kira Farrugia 


Selling out our nation

OUR Australian politicians should be ashamed of themselves, they are penalising the hard working people who have saved and watched how they spent their money.

When you look around and remember the good things we had like Leetona IXL, Jones Brothers, Toscan Cannery, Batlow Cannery, Mountain Maid and now the only one standing is SPC in Shepparton.

In 2016, the dairy farmers who received a bill after supplying milk for 12 months had to sell their milking cows to pay back the money that the company had overpaid them.

Governments are not looking after farmers; they would rather import 300 different makes of cars than keep someone in a job.

NSW taxpayers paid for poles and wires and our Premier sold them to overseas companies.

What is next on the agenda to sell off, trains?

And how about the Murray Darling Basin Plan?

What we have is the NSW and federal government playing politics with water.

Water has become a business to be traded when it is free from heaven.

Who can claim ownership of water when a new dam is built?

It is the people who have made Australia great by working hard, and the decisions of our politicians are not looking after Australians’ interest, but rather themselves.

And what about the phantom planes who fly empty to pick up politicians instead of politicians using business class to travel?

By the way, we will have to pay more for our petrol every six months with indexation.

Governments always blame the wage earner that our wages are too high compared to overseas countries that supply us with manufactured goods.

What a load of nonsense.

Fran Pietroboni



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