Daily Advertiser letters to the editor, April 20

LIGHT FIGHT: Anger continues to build over a new set of traffic lights on Brookong Avenue that some locals say will only add to congestion in the area.
LIGHT FIGHT: Anger continues to build over a new set of traffic lights on Brookong Avenue that some locals say will only add to congestion in the area.

Lights plan a farce

I CAN’T believe council won't listen on the issue of Brookong Avenue lights!

Cars will be banked up onto the railway line and we will have to block off Chaston Street eastbound.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Wes’s Walkabout filed a lawsuit over this for loss of trade.

And yet it's one the easiest intersections to manage as it is.

Leave it alone and go play somewhere else.

Russ Meyers


Letters lack compassion

I REFER to Bryan Pomeroy's letters in The Daily Advertiser, March 17 and April 17, that highlight his complete lack of compassion for animals.

By attempting to discredit Jenny Moxham's thought-provokingly kind letters about caring for all earthlings as we would want to be cared for, he is making a fool of himself by suggesting he would kill his neighbour’s cats if they came on to his property.

He jokes about eating his four hens simply because they were no longer laying eggs.

What a cruel world it would be if all people were as thoughtless as he is.  

Jenny's letters give people an honest insight into the violent cruelty inflicted on innocent animals in our unsustainable food chain.

Diane Cornelius

Seacliff Park

Get your facts straight

I QUOTE from Diane Cornelius’s letter in The DA on April 8.

“Consumers are learning about the shocking cruelty, and the unsustainability and ecosystem damage done to the native fauna and flora by using arable land for animal agriculture.”

There seems to be a contradiction here. Arable land means land that is ploughed and cultivated regularly for the growing of various crops. Such land is devoid of native flora and almost devoid of native animals and bird life.

In contrast, most grazing land still has some or much native tree cover and native flora and fauna because of the very fact that it is not ploughed up and cultivated.

I understand that you and others try to reduce or eliminate animal cruelty but how do you explain “unsustainability” and “ecosystem damage” in your reasoning?

Paul Bosman


Advice seems fishy

OH WELL, I suppose I should add to the discussion about not eating meat, eggs, fish, nor drink milk.

Also, we must not feed meat or bones to our dogs and cats must not eat meat or fish.

All of this very strange advice is from two very strange women who post here now and again. Nearly all of the world's population is against this advice.

For the past 10,000 years and more, people have eaten the above mentioned foods.

Now it appears two women have decided to instruct doctors and scientists that the above foods are bad for us.

The best advice for these two women is to go on a fishing trip and try a barramundi or a steak cooked on an open fire.

You will enjoy the experience, and live to tell the tale – probably until you are 90.

Lawrence Gregan


Keep speaking out

WELL done to the commentators with the courage to address questionable concessions and fundamental irregularities surrounding Islam in our community.

Why does this worldwide cult-style faith always seem to incite and suggest physical retribution against those merely exercising the non-violent democratic right to speak out against it? 

Maurie Martin



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