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HOLEY HELL: A letter writer says Wagga council has its priorities skewed when it comes to which pothole-riddled road it fixes first.
HOLEY HELL: A letter writer says Wagga council has its priorities skewed when it comes to which pothole-riddled road it fixes first.

Our road to nowhere

CAN someone from council explain what is going on with the seemingly permanent 40km/h zone outside the Christian college?

By Wagga standards, this is typical of the average road quality and doesn't need a speed limit of 40km/h week after week.

If this stretch of road needs to be 40km/h then many other parts of Kooringal Road need to be the same.

For example, the lines of potholes either side of the old railway tracks that has drivers veering towards the centre lines to avoid the dangerous corrugations. Also, the “repair” opposite the netball courts that now has more pothole patches than the unrepaired road

And the horrendous road failures either side of the Marshall's Creek bridge.

How any city council can consider it a higher priority to reseal parts of Urana Street and Coleman Street than to fix this part of a major ring road is beyond me.

And on a different topic, why was the council street sweeper out and about in Kooringal on Easter Monday? Please tell me the driver wasn't on penalty rates!

Geoff Burrows


Zealotry the real danger

IT WOULD seem a recent letter I submitted has raised the ire of two vegan commentators.

I suppose I should be flattered that Di Cornelius has felt the need to write three separate responses referencing my single letter.

Firstly, I will respond to Jenny Moxham, who seems to have read my letter, completely misconstruing a large portion of it.  

Not once did I say that we would be overrun by farm animals if the world were to turn vegan. I did question what would happen in regard to care and welfare of such animals if they were to no longer be of financial use to farmers.  

I actually asked if you thought a grazier would spend time, money and effort to tend to animals that were of no use to him. As you yourself suggested, Jenny, he would probably just let his herds die out.

It might also be interesting to note the information in regard to synthesised additives in vegan pet foods not being an adequate substitute to animal-based proteins was gathered from a vet who is a dedicated vegan.  

I also read up on the 27-year-old dog, it survived on a vegetarian diet, not a vegan one.

Now to Ms Cornelius suggesting farmers change from farming animals to cropping as it is more sustainable with less financial strain. This may be true but it is also one of the reasons that orangutan habitats are quickly disappearing - to make way for palm oil plantations.  

The wild orangutan population is in dire straits.  

The World Wildlife Fund estimate continued deforestation at its current rate (to make way for cropping) will see the total destruction of the population within the next 20 years.  

That is but one species that has become endangered or critically endangered due to land clearance.

As a side note, I do not own any pets.

I could not bring myself to keep a bird in a cage. I prefer to watch the ones that visit freely in my garden.

I will not keep a cat because I don't believe a cat should spend 24 hours a day inside and if I were to let one outside it would bother the birds that I encourage to visit my yard.  

As much as I would love a dog, I couldn't keep one for much the same reason.

As for the two-pronged attack ladies, yes you do attempt to demonise those that do not adhere to your ideals.  

As I mentioned in the original letter, I do not begrudge you your lifestyle yet you both continue to browbeat any who do not share your ideology.

Sharon Coggan

Mount Austin


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