Daily Advertiser letters to the editor, April 18

HAMMER TIME: A letter writer has joined the chorus of outrage over lenient sentences being handed down by courts.
HAMMER TIME: A letter writer has joined the chorus of outrage over lenient sentences being handed down by courts.

Brawlers should ‘wake up’

THE Sturt Mall brawl recently is the sort of behaviour we’d generally expect from a two-year-old because mum or dad said no to that toy or candy bar.

This is just bad and I think a formal apology to the management and staff of Kmart should be in order.

Animals from the Glenfield shelter behave better than that and perhaps those who were involved in that altercation should move there.

You are supposed to be role models for our future generations. Get a life and wake up people.

We’re breeding ferals, not true blue Aussies.

Peter Smith


Honouring a legend

I OFFER my condolences to Brian Dawe, family and close friends of the late John Clarke, in the knowledge of his recent passing.

I hold a fond memory of John and Brian on the ABC.

John should be forever remembered as a comic genius.

Trevor Koop


Leave our bins alone

I AGREE with all ratepayers in Wagga; don’t change to fortnightly collection for general waste bins.

I have found maggots in mine in less than a week.

Please, councillors, please just listen to the ratepayers for once.

M Baker


Green light for crims

I AM sick of it – assaults and murders with criminals getting off with pathetic charges.

On 60 Minutes recently – man kills his wife horrifically, pleads mental illness, back in a nursing home a short time later.

Man attacks wife, children protect her, get medal for bravery - good!

He gets a lousy 12 years for attempted murder.

Same plea. Temporary insanity.

Locally, fire lighters threatening occupants. Drug addicts given home detention, ordered to attend rehab. Repeat offenders smacked on the hand.

Drunk drivers and drug drivers, points lost, small suspensions, bonds etc.

Let’s get back on track.

A jail term should be a jail term, no favours, no rebates, no relenting on original sentences, no bonds, no suspended sentences, no chance for parole.

What happened to “do the crime, do the time”?

I don’t want to pay for the food and clothes for these criminals! Do you?

They can all make all the excuses for their crimes but can we make excuses to not punish them?

C J Buckland


Make a noise about NBN

TODAY, I had a visit from a local business owner who has been fighting a constant battle with Telstra regarding problems with his NBN, especially at his home.

As usual, the service provided is nowhere near the promised level for the money being paid, and the option to return to ADSL and fixed line are being denied. It appears now that Sussan Ley MP may look into the Jindera problem if she has enough complaints to do so.

The call is out there again to email data and general complaints, this time to Steve Block at Sussan Ley's office - directly via the website at http://sussanley.com/contact/. You may prefer to use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Please bombard the office with as many complaints as possible, as this may make the politicians understand the NBN roll-out has been a disaster.

Kathy Anderson



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