Four-month-old baby boy Koby Wiles has awoken from his induced coma

Baby Koby Wiles might have won his fight for life, but his mother Rosie Pollard remains furious at his misdiagnosis and is gunning for a Wagga doctor’s suspension.

The four-month-old spent the past seven days in an induced coma in Sydney after allegedly being misdiagnosed with constipation at Wagga's Rural Referral Hospital. 

On Monday, Koby started to wake up, but Ms Pollard’s relief was short-lived. 

Frustrations continue to flare despite Koby’s steps to recovery, as Ms Pollard calls for further action. 

Koby was awoken from an induced coma on Monday and is receiving treatment for what doctors suspect is hemophilia. 

The four-month-old is currently receiving Factor 8, to treat the incurable genetic disorder in which blood fails to clot normally. 

Ms Pollard said she made an official complaint to Wagga's Rural Referral Hospital on March 16, following the alleged constipation misdiagnosis on March 12. 

Ms Pollard said staff wrote down her complaint before advising her that the head of complaints would need to deal with the issue and would be away until March 23. 

“Doctors and nurses are the people you trust to turn to when you’re ill,” Ms Pollard said. 

“To feel this ignored is just not good enough.” 

Murrumbidgee Local Health District chief executive Jill Ludford has reassured the community that all complaints are thoroughly investigated. 

“A Wagga Rural Referral Hospital clinical director contacted the child’s mother on March 17 to acknowledge her concerns and apologise for any distress caused,” Ms Ludford said. 

“All concerns raised with the MLHD are treated in confidence, investigated thoroughly and feedback is provided on outcomes and actions taken to improve patient care.

“People who have concerns about their care are encouraged to talk to the nurse in charge of the ward or the hospital manager.” 

Ms Pollard said she was concerned the doctor who allegedly wrongly diagnosed Koby is continuing to practice without repercussions, calling for his suspension. 

“He is still working and I don’t want him to get away with it,” Ms Pollard said. 

“An apology really means nothing, I don’t want any other parent to have to go through what we’ve been through. 

“The doctor should be suspended and given extra training so this doesn’t happen again.” 

Koby’s grandmother Michelle Wiles has called for better protocols when it comes to children in emergency rooms. 

“I'm partly blaming myself, maybe I should have walked in instead of being polite and demanded someone look at our baby boy,” Ms Wiles said. 

“There needs to be a protocol that when a child under a certain age presents to the emergency room, a doctor needs to physically see them in a certain amount of time. 

“I realise doctors are super busy but there must be something they can do.” 

Ms Pollard said her focus is currently on Koby’s wellbeing, but she won’t give up the fight and will continue to pursue the complaint.